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Successful Mesorah Heritage Foundation Projects

The English-language edition of the Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud is now complete! This monumental 73-volume work, fifteen years in the making is universally acknowledged as, in the words of Lord Immanuel Jakobovits a"h, the late Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, "one of the most momentous publishing efforts gracing the entire length of Jewish History." A Hebrew Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud is more than two thirds of the way to completion.
Taken together, these two editions have "enrolled" many tens of thousands of people in Talmud study every day. In offices, homes, synagogues, commuter trains, on airliners - everywhere, throughout the world - volumes of the Schottenstein Talmud are proving that Jews thirst for Torah, and these editions are quenching it.

Compiled about 1650 years ago, the Jerusalem Talmud has long been the most neglected of our great classics. Never elucidated in the vernacular, very complex and difficult, it has been closed to all but exceptional scholars. The new Schottenstein Editions of the Jerusalem Talmud, in English and Hebrew, are opening eyes and minds to this treasure. All this has been made possible thanks to the vision and generosity of the Schottenstein family of Columbus, Ohio, and more than 200 patrons who have dedicated volumes in these historic projects.
Now, the Talmud is being published in French, The Safra Edition, in a new and truly historic venture to bring our Torah heritage to thousands of French-speaking Jews worldwide.
The new Schottenstein Interlinear Series presents siddurim and other prayer materials with the translation directly under the Hebrew text. An ingenious, patented format helps readers view the Hebrew and English texts simultaneously. The Kinnos / Tishah B'av Service is the newest addition to this trailblazing series. More than ever before, this series enables the reader to understand every word as he prays and studies. The series began with the Siddur and Machzor. So enormously popular were they that many works were provided in this new format, including the recently published Interlinear Chumash.
The Stone Edition of the Chumash has become the Chumash of choice throughout the English-speaking world. This new translation of the Five Books of Moses and its flowing, inspiring commentary speak to today's Jews. It is sparking renewed interest in the Torah as it has been studied for thousands of years.
Now in progress is a contemporary Hebrew edition Schottenstein Chumash to benefit Israelis who appreciate its readability and extensive elucidation.
The Sapirstein Edition of Rashi shines new light on the premier commentary on the Torah. Acclaimed by scholars and students, this edition is the most popular phrase-by-phrase elucidation of its kind.
Ramban on Chumash This seminal, classic commentary belongs on the study list of anyone who is serious about understanding the Torah. ArtScroll's new 7-volume treatment, which has quickly been acknowledged as a classic, makes this work accessible to all.
The Stone Edition of Tanach is a one-volume translation, with an annotated commentary, of all twenty-four Books of the Bible.
The Rubin Edition of the Prophets is doing for the Books of the Prophets what the Stone Edition is doing for the Chumash. The commentary sheds light on the framework of our history. The Books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings are already in print.
The Wasserman Edition of the ArtScroll Siddur Since it was published in 1984, the ArtScroll Siddur has become the standard prayer book in countless communities. Now it has been published in a new edition, dedicated by Stanley and Ellen Wasserman, with larger type, a new Overview, a newly edited translation, and many new features, including the laws and customs relating to the Land of Israel.
The original classic ArtScroll Siddur, dedicated by Joseph and Lea Berliner, will continue to enlighten and inspire new generations. The names Berliner and Wasserman will always be joined in the annals of those who raised prayer to a new plateau.
The ArtScroll Mishnah Series with the Yad Avraham commentary translates and explains the Mishnah with unparalleled clarity. The series is scheduled for completion in the fall, and a pocket-sized slipcased edition is available as well. Plans are underway for a Hebrew edition.
The ArtScroll Siddur and Machzor Series has become standard in home and synagogue due to its clear translations, inspirational and informative commentaries, and user-friendly instructions. These siddurim and machzorim have become indispensable to experienced users and beginners alike. That is why a Russian edition and the Fischmann Edition Spanish Siddur were published.
The Seif Edition Transliterated Series rolls out a welcome mat to people with difficulty reading Hebrew. The siddurim, machzorim, and Haggadah in this series have enabled those who are not yet familiar with Hebrew to pray using the original text. With the newly-released Transliterated Tehillim/Book of Psalms they can now read and be inspired by the actual words of King David, the Sweet Singer of Israel.
The Kleinman Edition of Limud Yomi - A Daily Dose of Torah is a revolutionary new English-language learning program, dedicated by Elly and Brochie Kleinman, which provides a systematic, daily regimen presenting core areas of Torah study. Each volume provides four weeks of stimulating study. In only 18 minutes a day, the reader gets an insight on the weekly Torah reading, a Mishnah, an adaptation from the Talmud, a Mussar thought, a halachah, and a study in a section of the Siddur. Limud Yomi provides an inspirational boost to anyone's day.
The Kleinman Mishkan Interactive DVD More than four parshiyos in the Torah are devoted to the construction of the Tabernacle/Mishkan. Thanks to modern technology, this new Interactive DVD enables us to "build" a virtual Mishkan. This DVD visually depicts and explains the Torah, verse by verse, item by item, vessel by vessel, and includes an audio explanation of the verses by a master teacher. We see all the components, move them around, put them together, and thoroughly understand the Chumash and Rashi. Produced by our scholars in conjunction with artists who create virtual models for NASA and the Air Force, this is an unprecedentedly effective and fascinating teaching and learning tool. A full-color, deluxe, coffee-table volume on the Mishkan is in progress
The Kleinman Edition of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Familiarly known as The Kitzur, this authoritative digest of the entire corpus of the Code of Laws, first published in 1864, has been reprinted scores of times and virtually every Jewish household has owned a copy. The Foundation's scholars are now engaged in making it more useful and contemporary than ever.
It is being translated and elucidated in the style of the now-classic Schottenstein Talmud, complete with a commentary that not only explains the Kitzur, but also cites the areas where the Mishnah Berurah and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (in Igros Moshe) differ with or expand upon the Kitzur. This trailblazing 5-volume work, dedicated by Elly and Brochi Kleinman, is bringing a cassic halachic work to new generations of readers and scholars.
The Edmond J. Safra Edition of the Chumash
The Edmond J. Safra Edition of the Chumash in French is newly reset, in one beautiful volume with a new, contemporary French translation of the Torah, faithful to Rashi and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and an anthologized commentary adapted by an International team of scholars, under the editorship of Rabbi Aharon Marciano.
The Foundation sponsors a host of other projects, including works of practical Halachah, Torah commentary, such as the Davis Edition of the classic Baal HaTurim, and even high school literature textbooks that incorporate the values and morals that are increasingly absent from many modern textbooks.

What's next? Major new projects are in progress:

  • The Schottenstein Edition of the Jerusalem Talmud in English and Hebrew
    For centuries, this basic text has been a closed book. Now, in a projected 49-volume set, the world-class scholars who produced the renowned Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud are bringing the Talmud of the Land of Israel to world Jewry in English and Hebrew. With the support of Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein and of generous patrons, our staff is opening the door to one of Judaism's great treasures.
  • The Melohn Edition Or HaChaim
    OrHaChaim's commentary is so rich, so profound, so wide-ranging, so broad and deep -- it has been one of the foremost, most revered commentaries on Chumash for nearly three centuries. Created by an extraordinary team of talmidei chachamim, this is the finest elucidation of Or HaChaim in any language.
  • The Schottenstein Edition Mishnah Elucidated
    The Schottenstein Edition Talmud created a revolution in Gemara study. Now, the breakthrough format is available for the Mishnah as well. Ideal for: Mishnah learning for yahrzeits and sheloshim, Students or parents helping their children with homework, Beginners new to Mishnah study, Anyone looking to review basic Mishnah.
  • The Czuker Edition Mikraos Gedolos Neviim
    The best-selling Czuker Edition Mikra'os Gedolos Chumash now continues with an unprecedented Mikra'os Gedolos on Nevi'im. Many mefarshim never before together on the Mikra'os Gedolos page - with many new additions. Classic Mikra'os Gedolos commentaries: Targum Yonasan ben Uziel, Rashi, Radak, Rid, Ralbag, Minchas Shai, Biur HaGra, Mezudas David, Mezudas Tzion, Malbim Plus These Additional Commentaries: Mahari Kara, Maharal, Minchah Ketanah, Rishon LeTzion, Chomas Anach, Yesod VeShoresh HaAvodah. New Original Additions Appearing on the Page: Likkutei Shas U'Medrashei HaTannaim - An original comprehensive compilation, citing relevant texts from Talmud Bavli, Yerushalmi,and major Midrashim where a verse is discussed. Baal HaTurim - An original collection of comments by Baal HaTurim on Chumash explaining verses in Nevi'im Sifsei Zekainim - Anthology of classic commentaries explaining Rashi's commentary on neviim.